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We are so excited about the baby, and wish to share our exuberance with all of you. We'll try to keep this page updated often. At least every doctor visit.
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Karen's due date is 03 June 2000.

The names for the baby are:

Gillian Meliá (meh-Lee-uh) for a girl or Zachary Ryan for a boy.

These were the other names we had looked at:

Kaitlyn Gabrielle or
Kataryna Michelle for a girl.


Trevor Andrew or

Brandon Matthew for a boy.

Note:We are not going to inquire about the sex.  We do not wish to know!

We are now at 41 weeks.  Only 0 to go!



Comments / Information

24 Nov 1999

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Heard baby's heartbeat for the first time.  Very fast.  Sounds great.  Doctor says everything is normal.

20 Dec 1999

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The baby and mom are doing great.  The baby's heart was beating about 150 bpm.  The doc told Karen to eat all she wants for Christmas dinner! J didn't go, but will not miss the ultrasound.

27 Dec 1999

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Today at 13:30 EST Karen felt the baby move for the first time.  Confirmation that there is something in there.

03 Jan 2000

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Today we received the results of the "AFP Extra" test in the mail.  They were as follows:
Risk of Down Syndrome: 1 in 1200
Risk of neural tube defect: 1 in 8647
These numbers are within the normal range.

16 Jan 2000

John felt the baby move for the first time!!!!!!!!!

19 Jan 2000

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The ultrasound was awesome.  It had to be  one of the most exciting moments of my life.  We saw the baby and it has everything it should at this stage in development.  The doc said that the baby appeared to be a bit small, so at 32 weeks we will have another ultrasound.  The doctor said we may have missed the due date from looking at the results of the ultrasound but she is not going to move the due date at this time.  The heart rate was 131 bpm and it weighs approximately  10oz.

23 Feb 2000

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Today Karen was tested for gestational diabetes and the results were negative.  Also her iron level was good.  The rest of her visits will be on 2-week intervals.  The baby's heartbeat was 150~155 bpm.

06 Mar 2000

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Normal 2-Week visit.  Everything was fine.  She had to see a different doctor.  Her's was on vacation.  Karen has to start fetal monitoring to insure the baby moves regularly.  The heartbeat was 150 bpm.  Mom has gained 18 pounds to this point and is doing well.

16 Mar 2000

Mom and Dad-to-be went to a birthing class.  Some explanations of what to expect when the big day comes.

22 Mar 2000

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The belly is now at 30cm and growing.  At the last visit it was at 27cm.  It moves a large part of the time now but does not keep Karen up at night.  The baby weighs approximately 3 pounds!

05 Apr 2000

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Today we had another ultrasound to make sure the placenta had moved from blocking the birth canal.  It had moved and everything was fine.  The ultrasound doctor wanted to move the due date but Karen's doctor didn't.  So the date is still the same.  Mom's belly was 31cm.  The baby weighed approximately 3lb 6oz.  It's heartbeat was in the 140's, which is normal.

19 Apr 2000

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Today Karen went for another check-up.  Everything is normal and her belly was 32cm.

02 May 2000

Mom and baby are doing great.  No weight gain this trip.  Baby's heartbeat was between 140 and 150.

17 May 2000

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The baby's heartbeat was approximately 145 bpm.  Karen was 1cm dilated and 20% effaced.  The head is down.  It won't be long now.  Karen is not sleeping well now and I believe the baby is very close to arriving.  We have taken classes read books and packed our bags for the hospital.  We are ready whenever the baby is.

24 May 2000

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The baby's heartbeat was about 150 bpm today.  Karen's belly measured 39 cm.  Also she is dilated 2 cm and 80% effaced.  The doctor said that she could give birth at any time.  My bet is Memorial Day, and the doctor said we might not make it to the next visit.  Also tonight, Karen started cleaning.  She is definitely in the "nesting" stage.

31 May 2000

Karen and the baby are doing great.  The baby will be here soon.  It's heartbeat was 165 bpm and mom was dialated 3 cm and 90% effaced.  Karen did not gain any weight.

03 Jun 2000

This was the due date but Not Yet!

05 Jun 2000

The doctor says "anytime" and we can only hope.  The heartbeat was 140 bpm. K gained a pound but that was immediately after lunch so I said that she did not gain any again.  She is doing wonderful accept for sleeping at night.  We don't get much sleep at night but take afternoon naps.  Hopefully very soon!!

09 Jun 2000

The stress test today turned out very well.  The only person under a great deal of stress is me.  Karen is doing great and the baby is doing great also.  It weighs approximately 7lb 9oz.  The ultrasound tech determined that for us today, of course 10%.  We are waiting for the child to come on its own.  There is no additional risk until after 42 weeks and even the risk is very minimal.

12 Jun 2000

Zachary Ryan Wesner is born!

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These were my birth stats.

These are my footprints.

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Karen's Doctor

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Thanks Dr. Gale for your support!

Click here for the page provided by Fort Sanders Regional when Zachary was born.

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