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What will the stork bring us?

Karen's due date is 26 April 2002.

The names for the baby are:

Zoe Rei for a girl or Brandon Matthew for a boy.

These were the other names we had looked at:

Gillian Meliá (meh-Lee-uh) or
Chloe Isabella or
Kaitlyn Gabrielle or
Kataryna Michelle for a girl.


Trevor Andrew or
Tristan Avery or
Jackson Mitchell or
Aidan Augustus for a boy.

Help us choose.  VOTE HERE!

Note:We are not going to inquire about the sex. We do not wish to know.

We are now at 40  weeks. Only 0  to go!

Date Development Comments / Information

17 Sep 2001

8weeks.jpg - 8601 Bytes

Karen went for her first visit. Everything was normal. She had lost 1 pound and her BP was 102/60.

15 Oct 2001

12 Weeks

We heard the baby's heart beat today!  It was great! It was approximately 165 bpm.  Karen gained 1 pound and her blood pressure was 100/60.  Everything was normal.

12 Nov 2001

17 Weeks

The baby's heartbeat was approximately 160 bpm.  Karen gained 1 pound and her blood pressure was 100/60.  Everything was normal.  Karen took an AFP test, which checks for defects in the development of the fetus.

21 Nov 2001

Today we received the results from the AFP Xtra test.  The results were normal, as we expected.

12 Dec 2001

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I love the ultrasound.  Karen and the baby are doing great. The due date give to us by the Ultrasound Tech was very close to the calculated date.  Karen's heart rate and blood pressure were normal.  The baby looks wonderful.

29 Dec 2001

I finally felt the baby move.  Karen has been able to feel the movement for quite some time and each time she would yell for me to feel it, it would stop.  This baby moves a lot more than Zachary did.  I love to feel it move.  Karen does too as long as it's not on her bladder!

7 Jan 2002

26 Weeks

Karen is doing great, she gained 3 pounds this month.  The baby's heartbeat was 145 bpm.  Karen's belly measured 25 cm (an increase of 6 cm in a month) a little big this point in the pregnancy, but things are fine.  One more monthly visit to go.

4 Feb 2002

28 Weeks

Karen is feeling fine, just tired.  Karen gained 4 pounds since the last visit.  The baby's heartbeat was in the 140's.  Karen's belly measured small at 27 cm.  Dr. Gale wanted to know if the baby felt like it had dropped.  Karen doesn't think so.  Dr. Gale said the baby was probably just lying in a different position than last time.  Karen had a gestational diabetes test.  We will start monitoring fetal movement this week.  The next visit will begin the bi-weekly visits.

5 Feb 2002

Results came back positive from gestational diabetes.  Karen has to be re-tested on February 11 with an extensive 3-hour test.

11 Feb 2002

Gestational diabetes test was negative.  In fact, the results were quite low.

15 Feb 2002

31 Weeks

Sick Visit. Karen went to the doctor today because she was very sick.  She has bronchitis and the flu. Her blood pressure was 88/58 and she had lost 3 pounds since her last visit.  Her belly measured 29 cm and the baby's heartbeat was around 140 bpm.

27 Feb 2002

Damaged Explorer

Karen and Zachary were involved in a car accident on Monday Feb. 25th.  They were hit in the driver's side by a hit and run driver that ran a stop sign.  Karen, Zachary, and the baby are fine.  Everyone is a little shaken after those events and hopefully we are over our stormy seas.  Karen had gained 1 pound and her blood pressure was 90/64.  Her belly measured 30 cm and the baby's heartbeat was in the 140's.  This was a normal visit.

13 Mar 2002

Karen's belly measured 32 cm.  Her blood pressure was 98/60 and she has gained 5 more pounds. The baby's heartbeat was approximately 150 bpm and everything was normal.

26 Mar 2002

Karen's visit today was short. She had a test for some form of bacteria that, if present, can be treated before the birth.  This is done so the baby doesn't get the infection. This test is called the group "B" and is a standard procedure.  The baby's heartbeat was in the 150's.  Karen's belly was 34 cm and her blood pressure was 90/60.  Her weight did not change. She has dilated 2 cm, but has no effacement.

03 Apr 2002

37 Weeks

Today we saw Dr. Noonan.  She was the only doctor in the group that Karen had not seen before.  Karen's blood pressure was 90/62 and she had gained 1 pound.  The Group "B" test came back negative.  Karen's belly was 37 cm.  The baby's heartbeat was between 120 ~ 130. She was dilated 2 cm and at -2 station but no effacement.

10 Apr 2002

Karen saw Dr. Gale today and not much had changed.  Karen's blood pressure was 90/70 and her weight did not change.  Her belly measured 38 cm.  The baby's heartbeat was 130 ~ 135 bpm.  She was dilated 2 cm at -2 station and she is effaced 25%.

17 Apr 2002

39 Weeks

Karen saw Dr. Myers today.  K's bp was 92/60 and she had lost 1 pound.  Her belly is 38 cm and she was dilated 3 cm and 50% effaced.  The baby's heartbeat was 120 ~ 130 bpm.  Dr. Gale is on vacation next week, so our appointment is with Dr. Myers.

24 Apr 2002

Karen saw Dr. Myers today.  K's bp was 98/60 and she had gained 3 pounds.  Her belly is 38 cm and she was dilated 4 cm and 80% effaced.  The baby's heartbeat was 120 ~ 130 bpm.  Dr. Myers said we would have the baby by the weekend, and we said good because our record book was out of pages.  Dr. Myers told us which doctors were on call through the weekend.

25 Apr 2002

Andrew Jeremiah Wesner was born @02:11 Thursday morning.

Andrew's Birth Stats
These are my feet!

These were my birth stats.

These are my footprints.

Andrew about 40 min after birth.

Mom, Andrew, & Dad


Click here for the page provided by Fort Sanders when Andrew was born.

Karen's Doctor

Karen's Doctor

Thanks Dr. Gale for your support!

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